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The purpose for this message is to provide information to States on how to join Training of Interpreters in Public Schools (TIPS). The Training and Assessment Systems for K–12 Educational Interpreters (TASK12) is a multi-State training and assessment program for interpreters working in educational settings. TASK12 is a partnership of 13 States and the Center for Technical Assistance for Excellence in Special Education (TAESE) at Utah State University, which provides educational interpreters the opportunity for training and evaluation of skills. TASK12 has been providing assessments for educational interpreters for over 10 years. The TASK12 Project serves its members by providing on-site testing opportunities using the nationally recognized Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA). TASK12 has surpassed the 4,000 test mark. This means that over 4,000 K–12 educational interpreters have had the opportunity to show their best work during this 2-hour skills assessment.

The TASK12 Project has seen the need to develop and offer skill training for those interpreters who need specific intervention to become qualified in the K-12 educational setting.  A minimum skill qualification for interpreters in most states is a score of Level 3.5 on the EIPA.  TASK12 now offers a blended delivery (F2F and online) training for interpreters who have shown their skill to be within the range of Level 3.0–3.9 using the EIPA test instrument.  These interpreters are invited to participate in this skill-improvement training based upon their demonstrated interpreting skills.  When the commitments are made and the training is completed, the EIPA test instrument is administered as an exit exam to measure success.

Dr. Bernhardt Jones directs the TASK12 Project and the TIPS training.  Constructing and delivering the TIPS training are Doug Bowen-Bailey and Patty Gordon.  Doug and Patty are interpreter educators, as well as mentors, who have taken the lead in the training and education of educational interpreters for the past several years on a national scale.  We are pleased to have their leadership and direct participation.

TIPS will do the following:

  • Provide administrative and secretarial support for the project.
  • Send invitation letters and registrations to each eligible interpreter.
  • Facilitate one face-to-face training for orientation and the beginning of the first module.
  • Facilitate three six-week online modules titled Interpreting Educational Discourse, Fingerspelling in Education, and Discourse Mapping for Education(Doug Bowen-Bailey and Patty Gordon).
  • Provide an exit EIPA exam for all participants who have successfully completed the training program.

Each State will do the following:

  • Enter into an agreement with TAESE to provide the service.
  • Provide adequate on-site locations for the face-to-face session with appropriate technology and equipment.
  • Provide reliable contact names at these sites for local assistance for the TIPS staff.
  • Participate, as needed, with the promotion and encouragement of TIPS in your State.
  • Each participating interpreter (in a group with EIPA levels 3.0-3.9) will have the following:
    • High speed internet access
    • Internet video capabilities
    • Time to participate both F2F and online for the duration of the training

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