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The purpose for this message is to provide general information to State Departments of Education staff who are interested in becoming part of TASK12.

TASK12 is a multi-state project of the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming.

Benefits of the TASK12 Program

• TASK12 is led by Dr. Bern Jones, a national expert in deaf education and sign language.

• TASK12 offers assessments across much of the nation that are scheduled one year in advance.

• It saves money to join a multi-state project that shares the costs of assessing the signing skills of educational interpreters.

• TASK12 provides networking opportunities for State Education Agency staff around low incidence disabilities.

• States have a responsibility to have qualified educational interpreters. Providing assessments through TASK12 is one way to accomplish that goal.

• TASK12 assessments are available locally and on weekends to avoid interrupting interpreter services for children.

• Interpreters have location options when taking their assessment.

• States are assured consistency in assessments from one interpreter to another.

• TASK12 takes care of all communication and assessment arrangements with educational interpreters.

• TASK12 is a neutral party in the testing protocol—if anyone contests the scores, that grievance goes to Boys Town National Research Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska.

• State assessment reports are provided to each state director of special education.

• States have access to test where they don’t have licensure or preparation programs.

• Cost pales in comparison to a due process case if a school does not have a qualified educational interpreter.

• Training options are available for interpreters that need to enhance their skills.

TASK12 will do the following:

• Provide the SEA with the interpreter assessment schedule for the entire TASK12 project via the TASK12 website. Educational interpreters can register through the TASK12 website for the location and date of their choice.

• Provide the onsite administration of the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA). The EIPA is administered fairly, reliably, and with respect toward all who take the assessment.

• Administer onsite digital recordings of educational interpreters’ work using the EIPA instrument. This is a video assessment of interpreting skills, voice-to-sign classroom, as well as sign-to-voice deaf/hard of hearing student communication. Up to 20 evaluations (video tapings) can be performed per weekend. Each member state decides how many assessments are needed annually.

• Maintain contact and communication with local assessment sites and contact persons for local planning, location directions with appropriate technology equipment, and administration of the EIPA.

• Welcome interpreters living and working in TASK12 states to attend any of the other TASK12 EIPA assessment sites.

• Send the interpreters assessments to Boys Town National Research Hospital for scoring by a qualified panel of experts (both deaf and hearing professionals).

• Mail the full diagnostic results to each interpreter within 90-120 working days. This document becomes a professional development plan for each interpreter regarding his or her demonstrated interpreting skills. In addition, a certificate showing the level of skill will be mailed to each candidate showing their EIPA score.

• Provide to the state (after all results are mailed) a comprehensive report with recommendations for training/education for the K-12 interpreters that were evaluated. This report is based specifically upon the performances of the candidates and provides a roadmap for training/education.

• Host one face-to-face TASK12 Advisory Board meeting annually for its members. Each TASK12 state appoints a person to represent them on the Advisory Board. The TASK12 Board listserv is available for communication 24/7. Conference calls for the TASK12 Advisory Board are scheduled as needed throughout the year.

Each State will do the following:

• Select one TASK12 Advisory Board member from the State Department of Education, representing the director of special education and the state, to attend TASK12 Advisory Board meetings, be on the conference calls, and participate via the TASK12 listserv and electronic mail. This is usually the SEA’s low incidence disability staff member.

• Provide receptive locations for onsite assessment with the appropriate equipment for assessment. It is encouraged that one site be located at the State School for the Deaf. A fee will be paid to the location for its use.

• Provide reliable contact names at these sites for local assistance regarding the TASK12 administration of the evaluation (local proctors who assist with the TASK12 process).

• Participate, as needed, with the promotion and encouragement of skills training for K-12 interpreters in their state.

TASK12 Membership Cost:

• The cost of TASK12 is based upon a simple formula: The total number of students in K-12 education in your state multiplied by $0.034 (3.4 cents) per child, plus $75.00 per test time. This expense includes everything listed above and the pledge to you that TASK12 services will be provided and administered under your direction and guidance. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is entered into between the Center for Technical Assistance for Excellence in Special Education (TAESE) at Utah State University (the fiscal agent for TASK12) and each TASK12 State Department of Education. This MOU is renewed annually.

• For more information, please contact Dr. Bern Jones at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 520-307-2376.

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